Make it a Date

January - Walk Your Pet Month

Walks are important to your pet’s physical and mental well-being. During Walk Your Pet Month, take this opportunity to ensure you are making the effort to get your pet active outside. It is even encouraged that explore new routines and routes to make walks more enjoyable for both of you.


Spay/Neuter Awareness Month

The number of animals who need homes is rapidly growing. Help reduce the number of homeless and sheltered animals by spaying or neutering your pet or donating to an organization that provides these services. Do not let finances prevent you from fixing your pet, many places offer discounts this month.


K-9 Veterans Day March 13

K-9 Veterans Day is March 13th. On this day we honor the loyal service of these animals and the sacrifice many of them have made to help protect our freedom. For over 75 years, dogs have been part of the U.S. Armed Forces and continue to be invaluable service members.

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