Building Your Own Koi Pond

You have been eyeing that empty corner of your yard for years thinking how beautiful it would look with a pond full of "living jewels," or Koi fish, aquatic plants, streams and waterfalls. Though the project is easy to do, proper planning and construction require effort and concentration. First, join a Koi club and go visit other ponds, learn and get an idea of what you want to create, and then begin to plan your own dream.

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America’s Most Popular Lizard

The Leopard Gecko

These brightly colored animals are a great first pet and beyond.

Caring for leopard geckos is a simple, fun and great way to teach children about responsibility and caring for another living thing.

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Amazing Style

At Sydnee's Pet Grooming, they take extra special care to make sure they treat each and every pet like they are one of the family. When you visit their grooming shop, expect for you and your pet to feel welcomed and comfortable. Their friendly and knowledgeable groomers will help you find the right grooming style and shampoo unique to your dogs' needs. They welcome you into a bright, friendly environment with kind and talented groomers. At Sydnee's pet grooming, they truly are dedicated to creating a healthy life with amazing style, while loving their job and making many new furry friends.

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A New Breed of Television: DOGTV

Pet parents all over Southern California can now entertain and sooth their beloved canine friends with DOGTV, the first and only television network for dogs, DOGTV. Following a successful soft launch period, DOGTV launches as a Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) channel on Cox, exclusively for its California market.

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