How I Met My Pet

Karen & Jim Brailean with Rollo and Maxwell.

The love for animals runs deep in the Brailean household. Karen and Jim Brailean, both are engineers are the proud parents of Rollo and Maxwell. They have built solid reputations for their talents but also for their good hearts. Dedicated to making our community a better place for all including pets, they founded TAGG the Pet Tracker. TAGG provides pet owners with the technology to ensure safety, measure activity and express love for their pets using advanced GPS, an accelerometer and wireless technology to help people locate and track the activities of their pets. We sat down with them and they shared with us their love for their two energetic and loving dogs, Maxwell and Rollo.

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Mary Drake with Sammy, Sophie, Pascua, and Ted

One loveable family

Animal Rescue Crusader and Philanthropist, Mary Drake has always been passionate about animals. From a young age she has shown nothing but love and compassion for them and we are proud to feature her on the winter cover and for you to get to know more about her and her adorable pets.

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Meet Lori and Bill Walton with Loma and Shasta

Lori and Bill Walton are known throughout San Diego; Lori as a community leader and philanthropist and Bill as a Hall of Fame basketball player. They both love our community very much; the city, its people and its pets. a pet's life magazine sat with them at their lovely home near Balboa Park and got to meet them, their two lovely and playful dogs and their cat, Charcoal.

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Jerry and Pam Cesak

We sat down with one of San Diego's famous couples- Jerry, of the Jeff and Jer Showgram, and Pam Cesak, a well-known philanthropist, and asked them about their pets.

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