92101 Dog Solutions

Downtown San Diego start-up brings "a backyard alternative to high rise living pooches."

Entrepreneurs Tricia Crespin and Oscar Urteaga remember waking up in the middle of the night countless times because their dog, Teddy, needed to go potty. “My dog Teddy was born with a heart murmur and it progressed when we moved downtown,” Tricia tells a pet’s life magazine. “The medication he was taking acted as a diuretic, making him have to pee a lot.”

Like most dog owners who live in a high rise, they researched different options to have a dog pee patch that could be placed on the patio. “We tried every product and service we could find,” adds Oscar. “Nothing worked because all the products used artificial turf or soil-less grass, and our dog desired texture and scent of real, fresh grass.”

After months of trial and error, Tricia and Oscar created a 5 -layer pee patch that could be placed on the patio of their condo, using real grass. “We knew we had a business idea when our friends and neighbors started asking if we could replicate our pee patch and deliver it to their condos and apartments,” said Tricia.

92101 Dog Solutions was created as a solution to living in small spaces with pets. They offer a subscription service for San Diego residents who want a real grass backyard alternative for their dogs. For one low monthly price, your dog gets a fresh grass pee patch delivered to your apartment or condo every week. The best part? A member of their staff returns in person to clean and replace it for you on a weekly basis. No cleaning, no hassle, no worries!

When a pet’s life magazine caught up with Founders and Co-owners Tricia Crespin and Oscar Urteaga, here is what they had to say:

apl: How will 92101 Dog Solutions benefit me and my dog?

Residents of San Diego are very caring of their dog companions. At any given time, you can find hundreds of dogs being walked the various neighborhoods of downtown. However, there are situations when owners need a quick and convenient option to allow their dogs to use the potty and your living situation doesn’t offer a grassy backyard. 92101 Dog Solutions provides a clean, easy and affordable option for you and your dog with real grass delivery and clean up service.

apl: What size is the tray?

Our standard tray is 31”x 19”. It is the perfect size to accommodate dogs up to 25 pounds. Our XL version is 30" x 38"that can accommodate medium sized breeds. We also offer a XXXL version is 48" x 24" for very large breeds.

apl: Do I have to be home for the delivery?

Although we’d love to interact with you and your pooch, you do not need to be home. Simply leave the grass patch and the tray on your front door step and/or with your concierge. We will conduct the clean-up and place your new fresh grass pee patch on your front door step.

For more information visit www.92101DogSolutions.com

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Sarit Dhupa and Vivianne Villanueva Dhupa

Passionate about animals and our San Diego community, Vivianne Villanueva Dhupa and Sarit Dhupa have devoted their lives in helping animals and their owners live life to the fullest.

apl: What inspired both of you to get into the pet industry?

Sarit - I come from a family of physicians, I am the 42nd Doctor in my family! My decision to pursue animal medicine was largely based on childhood experiences with animals as I was born and raised in Africa.

Viv - I am an only child and grew up surrounded by animals. They provided company and a lesson in compassion. When I lost a 17-year-old cat, I found out that instead of being cremated, my cat was sent to a rendering facility. Sarit encouraged me to start my own pet cremation company, Peaceful Paws where we assist families to cope with their loss.

apl: Willow Center offers a wide variety of therapies and devices for pets struggling with pain and mobility. How can an owner know which therapy serves their pet best?

Sarit - Willow Center was created as an extension to traditional veterinary care. Based on over 20 years of treating pain and mobility cases, I saw the need. Treatments include allopathic modalities, Traditional Chinese Medicine, rehabilitation, orthotics, prosthetics and mobility aides.

apl: What inspired you to open Into the Sunset?

Viv - I had owned Peaceful Paws for 5 years and dealt with grief and loss daily. We had a beautiful Chocolate Lab, by the name of Lily. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 5. She survived exactly one year with aggressive, comprehensive cancer treatment. Before Lily died, I was an emotional owner colliding with a clinical veterinarian. I lived in a constant state of anxiety and was hyper vigilant to any changes. When we finally euthanized her, I felt the weight of the world off my shoulders. We both concluded that if we struggled this much and dealt with death and dying daily, what must people without experience or resources feel. Into the Sunset is meant to be a safe environment where a family can walk a journey with compassionate veterinary professionals guiding them every step of the way.

apl: What advice would you give to pet owners after a difficult personal experience of losing their pet?

Grief is as individual as your DNA. No two people will grieve in the same way. I recommend surrounding yourself with people that understand the human-animal bond. I also suggest setting up a memory table in a focal point of your home. Photos, bowls, toys, collars, the urn etc. can be placed on the table and helps alleviate. You may also memorialize them with a special urn, memorial jewelry or artwork.

apl: What are the funniest things that your pets do?

Sarit- Vivianne plays hide and seek with Jax, our 1 year old Burmilla. They take turns chasing each other and hiding behind doors. We call our cats Jax and June "twinsies" because they are always together and even walk in unison around the house. Ziggy a 10-year-old "doodle" mix has a special two-legged dance when a treat is coming his way and Olivia an 8-year-old Brussels Griffon leaves "presents" for Sarit in his shoe, bathroom scale or work bag if she perceives being wronged by her dad.


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With Myron and Doreen Schonbrun.

Philanthropists Dr. Myron and Doreen Schonbrun have dedicated their lives to making a difference in our San Diego community. The passion they have for the community is the same they have for animals and their longtime family dog Lily. Recently, Lily passed away but before she did, we sat down with all three and spoke about how Lily had touched everyone’s heart.

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Your New Horse!


Bringing a horse into your family is a big responsibility and comes with new pet-care obligations. These basic tips will help keep your horse happy and healthy. Horses are active animals that need companionship. For this reason, they should be provided with an environment where they can spend most of their day outside exercising and interacting with other horses. Your horse will also need to bond with you; you should be able to provide your equine friend with daily visits where you can pet them and occasionally give them treats.

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Fossils in San Diego

Kids Page.

Believe it or not, millions of years ago, many animals (some of them now extinct) roamed the area we call home! Just think- there were dinosaurs walking the land in Carlsbad. Hadrosaurs and nodosaurs roamed San Diego millions of years ago, and during the Ice Age 200,000 years ago, other animals like the Saber-Toothed cats and Camels called the area home!

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Ruth Melero with Jack & Russel

M Winehouse, a quaint Wine Bar, sits nestled in the heart of Little Italy and has two dogs that are often there greeting guests. Entrepreneur and owner Ruth Melero followed her dream and opened a beautiful pet-friendly space with great atmosphere that offers international wines, specialty drinks, beers and bubbles for locals and tourists alike. When she is not working, she enjoys pampering her two loves, Jack & Russel. She shares why they bring sunshine to her life.

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Hold Your Horses!

Believe it or not, the horse you see today- whether on a farm, a parade, therapy or even working with the police- have all evolved over the past 55 million years from an animal about the size of a dog! Originally found only in North America, during the last Ice Age, they crossed land bridges to Asia and Europe.

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